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For Shoe Lifts and Modifications

$70 .oo

UP to
1/2" Shoe Lift

$75 .oo

3/4" Shoe Lift

$85 .oo

1" Shoe Lift​​

$95 .oo

1&1/4" Shoe Lift

$115 .oo

1&1/2" Shoe Lift

$125 .oo

1&3/4" Shoe Lift

$135 .oo

2" Shoe Lift

$10 .oo

For each additional
1/4" Shoe Lift


Each Shoe Liftor Heel lift is Different



Honeycombing is where we partially hollowing out the shoe lift before it goes into the shoe. This makes it more light weight shoe and give the shoe more flexible feel

  Flare ​​


is a permanent, external modification to the midsole and outsole to widen the base of support on the inside (medial) or outside (lateral) portion of the shoe

  Thomas Heel


an inner heel wedge, a long extended medial counter, and an arch is a common application to correct Pronation. A thomas heel is only done on a
dress shoe with a drop heel

  Lateral Wedge

A lateral wedge is typically used to help eliminate pronation,
rolling or rotating inward or outward at the foot/ankle

   Medial Wedge


modification of a shoe by the addition of "wedges" or "shims" tomodify the angle of the rear foot (heel) and/or forefoot (ball).
To correct Supination and pronation

  Offset Heel


or inner heel wedge is a heel flanged at its base either in the middle, to the side, or a combination, that is then extended upward to the shoe in order to stabilize extreme positions of the hind foot. 

  Rigid Rocker Sole


permanent, external modification to the midsole and outsole in which material is added and the flex point of the shoe is modified to allow
improved function, or protection of the foot and ankle. This stiffens the shoe and limits motion for the relief of artrhis.

​​Lift Removal


this is where we will remove the elevation and resort the shoe to its original height


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