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Our Shoe Lift Process step by step

(1) ​Print and Fill Out the Shoe Lift Order Form

Order Form
This is where you will be able to tell us what size shoe lifts you need

If you know you need a specific shoe evation size added at certain points you will be able to indicate on our shoe drawing 

If you leave it blank we will use our expertise to appropriately roll and taper the shoe with the size lifts you indicate.

Free Shipping label

(2) Print Your FREE Shipping Label

(3) Place Shoes in a Box with the Order Form and Affix FREE Shipping Label to the Box

  • ​Use the smallest box possible to mail your shoe for buildup
  • Reusing a box is acceptable if all markings are removed or covered 
  • Use sturdy cardboard to protect your buildup shoe while in transit
  • Fill in all empty areas so your buildup shoe do not move
  • You can test your package by shaking the box before sealing it

​(4) Mail the shoe you need buildup to us!

  • Put them in your mail box or
  • You can schedule a pick-up online or
  • You can call USPS (Call 1-800-ASK-USPS® (800-275-8777) or
  • Take them to your nearest post office (FREE SHIPPING ONLY IN USA)

​(5) We will elevate your shoe and ship them back to you. You will receive an email with tracking when thay are on there way back

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