Honeycombing in a Shoe Lift

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“Honeycombing” an elevation is an ideal way to decrease the weight of higher elevations. It will also create more shock absorption , and flexibility for runners. However, it can also slightly reduce the durability in a running shoe.

Elevations that are 3/4” or more are not going to have much flexibility, (bending of the upper), therefore “Honeycombing would only be applied to decrease the weight of the Shoe elevation. I always recommend “Honeycombing “on taller shoe lifts.

Keep in mind that your shoe not bending isn’t always a bad thing! This means that your foot is not bending also, this can help those who suffer from arthritis, or hallux rigidus, (big toe won’t bend), or severe bunions. Some people need this modification it is call a Rigid Rocker Sole.