Black Shoe Lift-R. A picture for Lilburn Shoe Repair & Pedorthic of a handmakes shoe lift to correct a leg length discrepancy.

Hidden Custom Shoe Lift

Years ago, customer with a 2” external shoe lift sent me a shoe with a brown upper and a vanilla-colored sole. In most cases the idea was to match the elevation to the color of the existing sole. This customer requested that the 1” layer be brown in color to hide the external shoe lift, or “break it up”.

It never dawned on me that this would look better, but it did! The brown material happened to match the upper near perfectly. When looking down at the shoe, the lift appeared to be part of the shoe, and was actually less noticeable, so that is what we started doing!

Shoe lifts are sometimes needed to treat leg length discrepancies in both adults and children.  These lifts are able to change a patient’s life by helping to reduce pain in the back, knees, and/or hips. It can also help improve their gait.

We wanted to be help people living with a leg length discrepancy to optimal health and wellbeing. We strive to provide functional and aesthetically pleasing shoe lifts by focus on customer services and artistry into every shoe lift Thank you for allowing us to exceed your expectations!

We can shape and add color to make your lift a lot less noticeable. Check out our process on our External Shoe Lift page.