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3 inch elevated shoe lift

S​​truggling With A Leg Length Discrepancy? 

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Welcome to Shoe Lifts and Modification

We are a full services Shoe Repair and Pedorthic facility. We specialize in custom orthotics, shoe elevations, shoes for shorter leg, build up shoes and shoe repair of all kinds. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. 

We can lift or elevate most shoes to prescription. The effects of leg length discrepancy vary from patient to patient. These differences may require the patient to exert more effort to walk. Some studies show that people with a discrepancy have a greater incidence of lower back pain and an increased chance of sustaining injuries.

  • ​​ A leg length discrepancy can cause the center of gravity to move to the short leg side. 
  • A pelvic tile to the side with discrepancy
  • Increased knee flexion on the long side
  • An overextended knee on the short side
  • Lumbar scoliosis (curving to the short side)
  • Increased subralar joint pronation on the long side
  • Ankle plantar flexion and foot supination on the short side

Our Process 

  1. Shoe Elevation
  2. Shoe Elevation
  3. Shoe Elevation
  4. Shoe Elevation
  5. Shoe Elevation
  6. Shoe Elevation
  7. Shoe Elevation
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(4) We will elevate them and ship them back.
          This process takes a week to ten days.

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Free shipping on shoe repair over $25


1/4” - $65.00
 Honeycombing - $10.00
honeycombing is where we partially hollowing out the shoe lift before it goes into the shoe. This makes it more light weight shoe and give the shoe more flexible feel.
1/2" - $70.00
Flare - $25.00

is a permanent, external modification to the midsole and outsole to widen the base of support on the inside (medial) or outside (lateral) portion of the shoe.​​ 
3/4" - $75.00
 Thomas Heel - $50.00

an inner heel wedge, a long extended medial counter, and an arch is a common application to correct Pronation. A thomas heel is only done on a dress shoe with a drop heel. 
1" - $85.00

Lateral Wedge - $50.00

A lateral wedge is typically used to help eliminate pronation, rolling or rotating inward or outward at the foot/ankle
 Medial Wedge - $50.00

modification of a shoe by the addition of "wedges" or "shims" to modify the angle of the
rear foot (heel) and/or forefoot (ball). To correct Supination and pronation
1 1/4" - $95.00

1 1/2" - $105.00

 Offset Heel - $50.00

is a heel flanged at its base either in the middle, to the side, or a combination, that is then extended upward to the shoe in order to stabilize extreme positions of the hind foot. 
1 3/4" - $130.00

 Rigid Rocker Sole - $75.00​

permanent, external modification to the midsole and outsole in which material is added and the flex point of the shoe is modified to allow improved function, or protection of the foot and ankle. This stiffens the shoe and limits motion for the relief of artrhis. 
​​2" - $145.00

​​Lift Removal - $50.00​

this is where we will remove the elevation and resort the shoe to its original height.

Frequently Asked Questons

  1. 1
    Do I need a prescription?
    No you do not. You simply need to know how high of a shoe lift you require.
  2. 3
    Can you build up a shoe less than ½"?
    Yes, but you may be better off using a internal shoe lift.
  3. 1
    How long does it take to get my shoe back?
    Starting the day we receive your shoes it in most cases take a week to ten days to have them ready to ship back to you.
  4. 2
    What shoe should I get to elevate? Are there any shoes you cannot do and I should stay away from?
    Our craftsmen have so much experience that it is very rare we get a shoe we can't elevate. If in doubt you can email a picture of the shoe you would like to elevate and we can let you know if its a good chose or not.
  5. 4
    Do you ship outside the United States of America?
    Yes, but you would be responsible for shipping.
  6. 5
    Do you do other type of shoe modifications?
    Yes, please see our price list with a link to the definitions.
  7. 6
    I had a procedure which fixed leg length difference, can you remove the lift?
    Yes, we can remove and restore the shoe to close to original condition.
  8. 7
    What kind of training do you have?
    As well as having over 30 years of shoe repair experiences. The Craftsmen is also Certified Pedorthist. A Pedorthist is the to title of a professional who has specialized training to modify footwear and employ supportive devices to address conditions which affect the feet and lower limbs.
  9. 8
    Is your facility Accredited and what does that mean?
    Yes, we are accredited by American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics. Accreditation is an external, independent review of a health care delivery organization against nationally-accepted standards and its own policies, procedures, processes and outcomes. In other words: Is the organization delivering safe, high-quality patient care in the way that it says it will?
  10. 9
    I need custom insert and shoe modification for diabetes, can I mail that in?
    Unfortunately no, but we do have a store front and take patients by appointment and walk ins are always welcome.
  11. 10
    I see you do shoe repair. Do offer mail in shoe repair too?
    Yes, you can mail in your shoe repair work and we be happy to do it. You will have to call or email us about the repair needed and we can give you a price quote at that time.
  12. 11
    Do you offer Dieabtic shoes by mail?
    No we do not. We feel that in order to get the best fix you really need to go into a place that can evaluate your feet. Discuss with you all your concerns and try on the shoes.
  13. 12
    When will my credit card be charged for my order?
    Your credit card will be charged only after your items have arrived at our repair facility and your order has been evaluated and any pricing adjustments approved.
  14. 14
    Do you offer free shipping on all of your services?
    No, We only offer free shipping on our lift/elevation service. You do get free shipping with shoe repair over $25 dollars or if you are combing shoe repair with a lift, But you are more that welcome to print the shipping label for your conveyance. The cost will be added to your service bill.