Frequently asked Questions:

We are an In-Network Provider of Diabetic Footwear For:​​

​Orthopedic shoes are specially designed shoes that provide support and pain relief for people suffering from pain in the legs, ankles, or feet. Historically, the shoes are designed with an eye more towards function than fashion, but today they are definitely more attractive than the selection in years past. While many people assume that only the elderly wear orthopedic shoes the fact is that orthopedic shoes are worn by people of all ages.
Diabetics' feet are sometimes sensitive to pressure. As that pressure builds up, the foot is not as capable of managing the pressure and have a hard time healing from the inside. Foot numbness and burning on the top of the foot associated with diabetes is known as diabetic peripheral neuropathy. The nerves do not send the message of pain to the brain; pain which should serve as a warning signal that the person is developing a foot ulcer.
Many private insurances have followed Medicare's lead in providing special diabetic footwear benefits for their policyholders with diabetes. The benefits vary from company to company, so check with your provider
You can buy the shoes and inserts anytime. If you want your insurance to be billed you will need to get a "Statement of Certifying Physician Form".
In most cases, it will take about an hour to be fitted for shoes. An additional week to 10 days to make the custom inserts.
Walk-ins are always welcome, but you would be better served by making an appointment with a Certified Pedorthist (C.Ped). We have one on staff, see below to contact us Today!